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Using the internet to find job vacancies

Looking for a job can feel like a challenging task at the best of times so during the covid pandemic we appreciate your search can appear even more daunting. Whether you’re considering a job change, currently unemployed or looking for your first ever job, there are some ‘go to’ steps to help you search for work online. You can search for full time, part-time or flexible jobs from employers across the country.

There are several different ways you can look for a job online.

Company Websites
Not all employers recruit in the same way, some only advertise vacancies on their own website, so in this case you will need to apply online. On their website you will usually find a ‘vacancies’ section where they will list their current job opportunities. Once you see a suitable job you will be instructed to upload your CV and covering letter. If there are no live vacancies, there may be an instruction to send your CV to the HR team anyway so they can keep you in mind for any future openings.

Job Alerts
If an employer isn’t currently recruiting, they may offer you a chance to sign up to ‘job alerts’, this way they can let you know when they are. Here you can often select the types of jobs you are interested in and provide your contract preferences. You will also be asked for your contact details to they can reach you.

Job Boards
A job board is a website used by employers to advertise their job vacancies to job seekers. You can use job boards to search for new job opportunities in your area, they will also ask for your CV and supporting letter. Some well-known job board sites are: Monster, Indeed, Reed and Total Jobs.

Recruitment Agencies
Recruiters sometimes work on behalf of busy companies to find employees for them. A recruitment agency will help a company by finding them CVs, they may also want to ask you some questions about your experience and even carry out an interview with you. Recruitment agencies can often find your CV from job boards or you can approach them directly and register with them for help.

The National Careers Service
Once you are in touch with your local job centre then they will also have an online site where you can view and apply for current vacancies.

Online safety

It’s important to stay safe when you are carrying out your job search and to avoid online scams. Do take care before giving away any personal information e.g. passport or driving licence number. Be careful before clicking on links and ensure they go to a legitimate site; also, never share credit or debit card details.

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We get people into work and create brighter futures. Lets talk about YOU and how you can improve your chances of being hired today.