Find out which careers could suit you best

Do you know what your strengths are and what jobs are best suited for you? Our skills assessments can really help you to understand this more. Once you know what your strengths are, you can focus on these to:

  • Identify the perfect job
  • Emphasize your strengths on job applications
  • Support competency-based interviews
  • Get ahead in your career.

With 93% of employers agreeing that soft skills are an essential factor in the decision to hire, understanding your key strengths is an important step to showcasing yourself and promoting your ‘best bits’.

Numerous worldwide studies suggest that someone’s soft skills – their natural style, behaviours and preferences at work – are qualities that can make or break success on the job. Our free skill-matching and assessment services help to identify and define your potential and provide you with an accurate, meaningful insight into your strengths, interests and also potential areas of development.

We have two different assessments available: Match-Fit and our Work Competency Questionnaire.

To register for one or both assessments, please follow the links below. You will then receive an email with details on how to access each assessment.


Match-fit is perfect for those who are looking for more entry-level positions across a wide range of job roles and sectors, for example, production, warehouse, administration, customer contact and service, retail, hospitality, engineering and agriculture.

The assessment itself is 84 questions where you are given a statement and score how likely you are to agree with that statement. For example ‘I like to think that it is better to be careful than take risks’. The assessment is untimed, although you are encouraged not to overthink the responses. There are no right or wrong answers.

Results are based on six key competencies (interaction, rule-oriented, drive, resilience, focus on quality, and openness).

Once completed, you will be provided with a personalised report of your match to the six competencies outlined above which you can then use to help identify jobs of interest from our careers page.

You can download a sample report here.

Work Competency Questionnaire

Our Work Competency Questionnaire (or WCQ for short) is designed to evaluate competencies considered key for most professional profiles, from junior to experienced managers.

The assessment itself comprises of 108 statements to which you indicate how often you behave in a certain way, relative to the statement. For example, ‘when faced with a problem, I look for clues to what caused it’. This is a timed assessment and you will have 35 minutes to complete it. Each statement had four options: 4 almost always (you habitually behave in the way indicated in the statement), 3 often (you frequently behave in the way indicated), 2 sometimes (on occasion you behave in the way indicated), and 1 rarely (it is exceptional you behave this way).

Results are based on 11 competencies (organisation and planning, responsibility, teamwork, communication, customer-oriented, learning & innovation, action and performance at work, problem solving, dynamism, people management, and resilience).

Once completed, you will be provided with a personalised report which ranks your responses and gives you a breakdown of scores aligned to each of the 11 competencies above. You will also be provided with further clarity on your high-performance strengths (ie those where you scored most highly) versus strengths in development (areas for you to focus on in the future). You can then use the feedback from the assessment to help identify which jobs are right for you from our careers page.

You can download a sample report here.

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