GTCI 2017:  Talent and Technology

Launched for the first time in 2013, the Global Talent Competitiveness Index (GTCI) is an annual benchmarking report that measures the ability of countries to compete for talent.

The report ranks over 100 countries according to their ability to grow, attract and retain talent.

The GTCI combines the academic research and expertise of INSEAD, the international business school, and Singapore’s Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI) with the business experience and perspective of Adecco, the world leader in Human Resources.

This year sees the UK ranked at 3rd place globally; this year’s report also includes a cities index for the first time, and ranks Dublin in the top ten cities globally. London, Birmingham and Cardiff are all included in the top 20 city ranking. However, the report doesn’t yet capture the effects of Britain voting to leave the EU.

Much more than an international league table of talent competitiveness, the GTCI report provides a tool-kit for governments, businesses and non-profit organisations to improve their talent management capabilities. And this year it tells us that talent – not trade or capital– is the most powerful weapon in a country’s arsenal when it comes to transforming an economy, or indeed a business.

With a focus on technology – both its continued development in the workplace, and how it can be used to ‘augment’ human efficiency – this year’s GTCI report looks beyond the hard skills traditionally associated with technological advancement, and highlights the vital importance of ‘soft’ skills (such as creativity and adaptability). Skills that are, inherently, human.

But what steps will employers need to take to make sure these skills are readily available? And how will workers adapt to a new and ever-evolving set of personal and professional parameters?

To find out more, download your free copy of this year’s GTCI report – and start preparing for the future, today.