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We’ve helped many organisations to not only understand the changes and impact the reform will have to their business in both the public and private sectors, but also supported them in adapting their workforce ready for the reform. We offer a range of services to help you through the process from educating your workforce about the new legislation to workforce readiness assessments and supporting your hiring managers through to looking at project-based delivery options such as Statement of Work.


An exploratory session that educates business on the impact IR35 will have on organisation in different industries, lessons learnt from the public sector, our approach to the reform and how we can support you through the process.


We will help you understand how the reform truly impacts operational delivery, how to align operational leaders and determine actual viability for Outside. Including a review of your organisation’s culture, as well as a document outlining the risks and a series of practical steps you can take to address the impact.


Assess your exposure to IR35 including reviewing your contractors. We will review your supply chain and your line managers and give you a detailed assessment of the potential impact of IR35 on your business and working Practices.

It will include a step by step plan on how to minimise risk. You will understand risks down to the individual contractor level.


Work with your line managers, exploring individual contractors in their teams, if they will fall inside or outside of IR35 and how they can future proof these roles.

We give pragmatic guidance for your frontline managers to understand individual contractor relationships and how-to future proof them.


Meet your contractors and agencies and outline the agreed client solutions.

Ensuring the communication of your IR35 position is clear to your crucial contractor workforce and minimise your risks –ensuring you retain their services.

Getting Ready for IR35 (April 2020)

With just a few weeks to go before the IR35 reform comes into effect (April 2020), we’d like to invite you, your team and your clients to our FREE IR35 webinar. Our General Counsel, Gavin Tagg, and Senior Vice President, Simon Crichton, will discuss how to be prepared for the reform and cover various topics including:

• The history of IR35
• Latest on the employment legislation
• How IR35 will affect your workforce
• How your workforce can be better positioned to ensure your organisation is truly ready for the reform.
• How to assess and retain talent
• How to ensure your business is compliant and much more.

Webinar details
Date: Thursday 13 February 2020
Time: 11:30am – 12:30pm (GMT)

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