The Covid-19 situation is changing rapidly and we will be making regular updates to these pages so please check back regularly for the latest.

How is the Adecco Group following Government advice?

Following UK Government advice, although our UK branches are closed we are still very much ‘open for business’ and here to help. Wherever practicable we are enabling our staff and encouraging our clients to allow the temporary workers we supply to work from home as per the advice of the UK and Republic of Ireland Governments.

Of course, this may mean that you may notice some background noise from family life when we are speaking to you via phone or video conferencing. Our Colleagues have families (and pets!) too so hopefully this won’t be too distracting and we will all pull together during these difficult times.

What measures are the Adecco Group taking to reduce the risk to clients and workers (i.e. temps, associates and limited company contractors)?

The Adecco Group are monitoring the situation both Globally and within our UK and Ireland business. We have issued information on the virus to our consultants who in turn are communicating with workers placed with our clients.

Our consultants are in regular touch with workers asking them to report any instances where the worker (or a close family member/someone in their household) has developed a fever and/or a new, persistent cough or has been medically diagnosed as having COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Where an instance has been identified we would alert any client with whom the worker has been in contact.

Likewise it is an existing legal obligation for clients to tell us of any health and safety risks at a given site so that we can in turn tell the workers. Whilst we will regularly ask clients for this information we would remind clients to proactively notify us should any cases of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) be identified at a given site.

We are encouraging all clients to follow the advice of the UK and Republic of Ireland Governments and to allow workers to work from home if at all possible.

If I have a confirmed case of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at a site where an Adecco Group associate or temp is working, what should I do?

Under the Health and Safety at Work etc. act 1974 / the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005 (Ireland) we have a duty to advise workers of any potential risk to their health and safety. We would then ask the client to notify us of any such risks and confirm that they have carried out a risk assessment and identified measures to control the risk. We would then provide the work seeker with this information in the same way as we would for any other identified risk.

If a worker is required to self-isolate will they continue to be paid?

The key point here is ‘required to’. Where the UK Government advice is that a person should self-isolate and they are therefore unable to carry out their assignment then that person would be entitled to Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) where their contract provides for it. This includes those who are at increased risk of severe illness as set out in the government guidance on social distancing here.

If the person has merely chosen to self-isolate then as per their contract they would not automatically be entitled to be paid.

If a worker chooses to self-isolate beyond what is medically required or by the official guidance?

This can only be treated as a voluntary matter and we would not normally pay workers in such circumstances. Where the absence is prolonged it would be a commercial matter for our clients to decide if the assignment was to continue. Again though, we would treat their decision sympathetically and be happy for them to continue working through their Adecco Group brand.

Can our employed associates benefit from a furlough and receive 80% of their pay?

The Government published guidance on the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme late on Thursday 26th March 2020 and clarified for the first time that the scheme extended to agency workers working through PAYE. After successful lobbying by the Adecco Group and others for urgent clarification of financial support for our agency workers, we were grateful to receive the Governments guidance. We have reviewed the published guidance and have raised some further questions of government, and will communicate further as soon as more details are available.

Will limited company workers get sick pay pay?

Where a worker chooses to provide their service through a limited company, our contract will be with the limited company and not the worker. As such limited company workers are not normally entitled to in work benefits such as SSP.

Can Limited Company workers benefit from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme?

It may be possible for workers who are supplied through their own limited companies (PSCs) to furlough themselves – they would need to take their own independent legal advice on this.

What about the Statutory Self-Employed Pay Scheme?

In addition to the CJRS, the UK Government announced a separate statutory self-employed payment scheme which could benefit those working on a sole trader basis..

Will workers paid via umbrella companies get sick pay or furlough pay?

The Adecco Group only works with umbrella companies that offer PAYE solutions and as such workers would be employed for tax purposes by the relevant umbrella company. They should contact their umbrella company provider for details about entitlement to statutory sick pay.

The “Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme” would still apply to these workers. Their Adecco Group consultant will in turn liaise with the end client and umbrella company to determine whether or not the worker would need to be placed on furlough. workers should speak to their umbrella company for further details.

My company pays contractual Sick Pay, does this carry an obligation under AWR?

AWR does not extend to any client contractual sick pay scheme. Workers will receive SSP in accordance with their employment contracts in the event they are sick or are self-isolating on health grounds.

What should clients do to allow workers to work from home?

This is ultimately the client’s decision but best practice would be that the client should have:

  • A working from home policy that is made available to the worker
  • Sufficient insurance to cover home/lone working
  • Workers complete a specific risk assessment form for working from home. If clients do not have such a form then the Adecco Group consultant can provide the Adecco Group Home Working Risk Assessment for the worker to complete.

Aspects to be considered in the above include where a working parent / caregiver can safely work from home whilst looking after young children.

Are the worker’s provided by Adecco Group brands able to work from home using a client’s equipment?

We would support all instances where clients take a sensible approach and allow people to work from home as per Government advice. The client would be expected to insure their own property such as laptops they have provided for this purpose and provide guidance on safe working practices when working from home.

How is the Adecco Group using technology to limit face-to-face contact?

There may be instances where a candidate is self-isolating due to government advice but otherwise feels perfectly well. Such candidates can still register with an Adecco Group brand and look for work even though they cannot attend face-to-face interviews. The Adecco Group has invested in the latest technology that can enable video interviews once the candidate is no longer self-isolating.

Following UK Government requirements, our UK branch network staff will all be working from home for 3 weeks with effect from 24th March. However, due to our investment in the latest technology, we will be able to verify documents remotely via video links and other means. Candidates may contact their local branch by email or telephone to discuss options for this to be completed.

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