Cookie Policy

Adecco UK Limited (“Adecco Group”, “we” or “us”) is committed to providing you with the best online experience while visiting the website (the “Website”). To achieve this, we utilise our own and standard third party cookies to obtain data about your online behaviour while you are on the Website, and we also track when and how often you visit the Website, where you are located, your IP address, operating system, browser, timestamp, traffic data, and weblogs. We may also obtain information about your general internet usage. Where personal information is collected by the Adecco Group, such collection is covered by our Privacy Policy.

What we track

We do not use any intrusive cookies on the Website. We use industry standard third-party cookies such as Google Analytics, Visual Web Optimiser and Marketo to track your behaviour online and gain statistical information in the following ways:

  • We track the number of visits to the Website, where each visitor came from (i.e. the website you visited prior to coming to the Website) and where each visitor goes to from the Website (i.e. the website you visit after leaving ours).
  • A cookie is stored on your device (until you clear it) which is linked to your IP address. Cookies are small text files that your web browser stores on your device. This allows us to track whether you return to the Website.

How to manage cookies

Unless you have adjusted your browser settings so that it will refuse cookies, our systems will issue cookies each time you access the Website.

You may refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the storing of cookies. This will remove all details from the cookie. However, if you select this setting you may be unable to access certain parts of the Website or use certain functionality. You can find valuable information on how to delete and reject cookies at the following link:

Third-party cookies

Throughout your journey on the Website you may also notice content from third parties. We may also offer you the opportunity to further engage with us and share information with others using social networks such as Facebook, Linkedln and Twitter. This content is added so we can keep you up to date with carefully selected information that you may find relevant or of interest, however this can result in these third-party providers storing additional cookies on your device that we have no control over. Consequently, we suggest you check the websites of any such third parties and their privacy policies for more information about their cookies and how you can manage them.

Cookies used on

The Website may contain links to third party websites. If you follow a link to any of these third party websites please note that these websites have their own privacy and cookie polices and that we do not accept any responsibility or liability for these policies. Please check these policies before you submit any personal data to these third party websites.

Below is an example of the cookies used by including details on its purpose and other information you may find useful. Please note however that if you choose to access third party sites through that the cookie listed below may not be indicative.

Cookie Type Purpose Link to personal data? Type of cookie Third party cookies? Third party policy What data is held?
Marketo munchkin tracking code Custom JavaScript tracking code Tracks all individuals who visit our websites so we can react to their visits with automated marketing campaigns. Anonymous visitors are tracked, without this code, we will not be able to track visits or other activity on our websites. No Third-party cookie Marketo link The first time someone visits a page on our website that has the Munchkin Tracking Code, Marketo creates an anonymous activity and uses a browser cookie to track it. Once it’s identified, it becomes a person and the history associated with their browser cookie is merged in. IP addresses, web activity, form fillouts and link clicks.
CurrentPage Non-Tracking It will store the numeric value of current page i.e. 1,2 No Session No
_timerCookie Non-Tracking It is used for ssp session login duration. No Session No
ai_session, ai_user, ai_authUser Non-Tracking Application insight for data analytics. No Session No
ASP.NET_SessionId Non-Tracking Creates a new client request to post the downloaded document to the proxy. No Session No
AuthId Non-Tracking Authentication id for set user session. No Session No
browserIncompatibleWarning Non-Tracking If the cookie does not exist in the browser then this warning is shown using this cookie. No Session No
Cookie-BranchLocatorRootItem Non-Tracking It stores the root item of branch locator in sitecore. No Session No
currLang Non-Tracking It will get the cookie value of current language. No Session No
ieRedirect Non-Tracking If SSP redirect did not occur (as in IE10), set new cookie to redirect server side. No Session No
itiAutoCountry Tracking It loads auto country. No Session No
JobsBrowsebyCategoryURL Non-Tracking This cookie contains Job search url of pagination item (URL in browser will not effect by click on Next/Previous pagination). No Session No
JobsBrowsebyCategoryURL=; Path=/; Expires=Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:01 GMT, JobsBrowsebyCategoryURL, SearchResultPage, adeccouniqueid, ShowSavedJobNotification, SavedNotification, ShortListedJobs, Saved, Locale Non-Tracking Details below of individuals.
Locale Non-Tracking It keeps track of the language by means of a cookie, so the language is preserved no matter of the user is logged in or not. It also works for recurring users. No Session No Non-Tracking It is used for country and language. No Session No
OneTimePremium; PremiumPages Non-Tracking It creates one time cookie for premium pages. No Session No
PortalCookieStorage Non-Tracking Setting configuration from sitecore , Provides a class that stores portlets in a browser cookie. No Session No
PremiumPages, OneTimePremium, premiumContentCookies, premiumCookies Non-Tracking Used for premium pages. No Persistent / 1 Day No
rsCookie Tracking Recent search cookie. No Session No
SearchPage, SearchResultPage Non-Tracking It shows the result page of searched job + url + path. No Session No
setCookie Non-Tracking The setcookie() function defines a cookie to be sent along with the rest of the HTTP headers. No Session No
slCookie Non-Tracking Shortlisted cookie. No Session No
userstatus Tracking It is used identify the status of user eg. Employer. No Session No
IsJobPage Non-Tracking To note down whether the user came from job page, expiredpage, thankyou page. No Session No
IsNewProfile Non-Tracking If this is a new profile (but existing Candidate account), redirect to SSP Import Profile page. No Session No
IsNewlyLoggedIn Non-Tracking It shows the result page of searched job + url + path. No Session No
SearchResultPage Non-Tracking Set “Newly Logged In” cookie to false to prevent redirect when navigating back to homepage. No Session No
adeccouniqueid Non-Tracking Adecco specified unique id for ssp login. No Session No
ShowSavedJobNotification Tracking It will show the saved job notification in ssp. No Session No
SavedNotification Tracking It is used for saving the notification. No Session No
ShortListedJobs Tracking For shortlisting of jobs. No Session No
CandidateCookieValue Non-Tracking It is for candidate page value in the browser. No Session No
ManageShortListCookie Non-Tracking It will manage the shortlist cookie, in programs it is defined as a function. No Session No
siteNameForRegister Non-Tracking It is used for identify site name. No Session No
EmployerCookieValue Non-Tracking It will store value of cookie as a employer. No Persistent / 7 Days No
DynamicCookieName Non-Tracking It is used for showing the status of cookie value. No Persistent / 7 Days No
SetEmployerCookie Non-Tracking It will the set value of employee cookie in the browser. No Persistent / 7 Days No
SetCandidateCookie Non-Tracking It will the set value of candidate cookie in the browser. No Persistent / 7 Days No
CurrentControl Non-Tracking Distinguish different controls (savedjobs/matchedjobs/findjobs/jobresults) using CurrentControl cookie value. No Session No
PageList Non-Tracking It is used for listing of pages if current page is 1 then page list is 0. No Session No
SortOrder Non-Tracking It is used for sorting the order of page starting with 0. No Session No
_ga Tracking This cookie is used to distinguishes unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as a client identifier. No Persistent / 2 Years Yes
_gat Tracking This cookie name is associated with Google Universal Analytics, according to documentation it is used to throttle the request rate – limiting the collection of data on high traffic sites. It expires after 10 minutes. No Persistent / 10 Minutes Yes

Changes to this Policy

The terms of this Policy may change from time to time. We shall publish any material changes to this Policy via appropriate notices either on this website or by contacting you using other communication channels.


Questions, comments and requests regarding this Policy are welcomed and should be addressed to