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Seizing opportunities
in a changing world of work

The Adecco Group UK & Ireland has one imperative commitment which underpin our values as an organisation. To create brighter futures.

We are putting Social Purpose at the forefront of our strategy, allowing us to focus our passion on the wider community.


Our employees and our customers give their all to support young people around the world

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Athlete Career Programme (ACP)

Allows the best athletes to transfer their skills from sport to the world of work

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The Global Compact

We are part of the Global Compact, an initiative launched in 1999 by the United Nations with the aim of involving companies in the field of human rights, labour protection, environmental protection, the fight aganist corruption.

Code of Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct takes into account fundamental values such as respect, responsibility, honesty and integrity. By doing this, we strengthen the trust of colleagues, customers, shareholders and institutions.

Corporate Governance UK&I

Our Corporate Governance report demonstrates how the key principles – transparency, accountability, responsibility and fairness – have been met during the previous financial year and signposts our future commitments.

Diversity and equal opportunity

At The Adecco Group we deal with people. We understand that talent and potential coming from all parts of society, regardless of gender, ethnic origin, age or physical ability. This is why we value diversity and promote equal opportunities.

Human rights and labour

It is a theme that has become increasingly important for companies in all sectors, not least our own. We cannot ignore that there are issues to be solved to the best of our ability. Following the decisions of the United Nations and the consultation that ensued, we published our guidelines to reflect on what is happening today and how we can work to combat and eradicate the abuses.

Health and safety

We work at the highest levels of personal safety, as required by law. We ensure that each candidate is selected, trained and prepared for the role they will occupy, insisting on the highest standards of health and safety on the part of the employer. Including us.

Training and development

Globally, about 7 million jobs are not assigned, although 200 million people are unemployed. This is largely due to a mismatch between the skills and requirements. We help people improve their employability through development programs and initiatives that they make sure that their skills, their confidence and their ability to grow career.