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Taking care of the world
we live in

Environmentally responsible

We know why it is important to protect the environment, but how do we protect it?
Well, here’s our role.

We have a global vision for everything we do and the future of our planet is a priority for us. We see environmental responsibility as our duty to future generations, and we are committed to proactively reducing our environmental impact on the world.

We are all responsible for the care of our planet. Even small gestures make a big difference.

Reduction of consumption

Collectively, humans waste tons of resources of all kinds, every day. We are working to change that.

Since 2010, each member of our organisation is increasingly aware of the importance of reducing consumption. We looked at everything from air miles traveled, computers purchased, to the mileage of our company cars. And since then we have strengthened our commitment to minimise both our consumption and our environmental footprint. We are dedicated to providing tangible results in terms of reduction of energy consumption, to the benefit not only of society but of the world in which we live.

Reduction of CO2

Any authority or expert will tell you greenhouse gas emissions are out of control.
We have only one option, to reduce them.

We understand that every company, indeed every person, has an impact on the environment. We are determined to minimise what our organisation produces. That’s why we participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project [CDP] and centralise the measurement of our CO2 emissions using the database ‘myclimate’ that helps us to break down our environmental impact, showing us where improvements can be made and what the priorities are in terms of daily operations. This helps us to work more efficiently both for the planet and for the people who inhabit it.

Supporting clients
and their environmental objectives

Thanks to our knowledge and experience in defining and meeting environmental objectives, we can help companies do the same. We can provide remote or on-site expertise to assess, advise, guide and help implement new initiatives, strategies and ways of working to reduce the environmental impact of enterprises. We can identify your targets and we support you in devising, developing and implementing your environmental responsibility policies. We share one world, that’s why we offer our experience..

Environmental guidelines of The Adecco Group:

As a multi-brand platform and one of the Fortune Global 500 companies, we are aware of the impact of our activities and the difference we can make if we act responsibly.