Interview Tips: 8 Ways To Ace The Interview

The world of work has changed beyond anything that could have been predicted or anticipated. For many, 2020 is and will remain known as ‘the year the earth stood still’. However, the world hasn’t stood still for those living in it. We have adapted to the new ways of living and working – finding alternative ways to work, live and socialise virtually has become the new norm.

Video conferencing apps and websites have been transformative in helping families and organisations alike to stay connected. It is reported there were a record 62 million downloads of business conferencing apps over one week in March 2020. Video conferencing enables face to face engagement with our colleagues, something which is vitally important to our wellbeing in the workplace.

When it comes to finding a new job, traditional face to face interview and assessment centres have been changed forever, and candidates as well as employers have had to adapt quickly.

How can you ace your interview both virtually and face to face?

Choose the right interview outfit

Whether you are being interviewed face to face or over video camera, it’s essential to dress professionally. Many people find it difficult to decide what to wear to an interview, but best practice is never to make assumptions about an organisation’s dress code unless already stated by the recruiter. Even for a virtual interview, you should dress professionally in office wear – and with many studies showing that dressing for the occasion will give you more confidence, your interview outfit not only creates a great impression with the interviewer, it can help put you in the right mindset to give your best.

Interview preparation is key

Preparing for an interview is essential: research the company, industry, role responsibilities, as well as the organisation’s place in the market and key areas where you could add value. Join social networks that are relevant to the employer and industry to stay up to date with the market.

Utilise your CV

You were invited to interview for a reason! Use your CV to structure the interview and elaborate on what you have already specified. Have examples ready to back up everything you say.

Study the job role inside out

Make sure you know the job specification inside out, and if you haven’t received a copy of it be sure to ask for one. Relate your long list of skills, work experience and accomplishments to key aspects of the role, and don’t assume the recruiter will be aware of your skills and talents – make sure you tell them!

Hone your industry knowledge

From industry challenges to direct competitors, know your industry and what you can do to help the organisation’s standing in the market. Along with industry publications, platforms like LinkedIn are a great source of industry updates, so brush up on your knowledge ahead of the interview and ensure you’re aware of key developments affecting your job sector as well as the wider business environment.

Pay attention to body language

You never know what the deciding factor for an interviewer will be, and it can often be a combination of things. Having positive body language is an easy win in your interview. Although video interviewing can make it more of a challenge to give out and pick up on body language cues than in a face to face setting, you can still use it effectively to build a connection with the interviewer. Keep positive, maintain good posture and use appropriate eye contact with your interviewer, especially when giving answers. This demonstrates confidence and shows that you’re really listening to what they have to say.

Ask questions

The interviewer will have a breadth of knowledge on the organisation and industry; use this to your advantage and ask any questions you might have. Always have at least three well thought-out questions to ask at the end of the interview, to demonstrate your knowledge and interest in the role and the employer.

Follow up after the interview

Follow up after your interview and ask your interviewer for feedback; they should be happy to give you constructive feedback, whether you were successful or not. You never know, you might meet them again – so there’s no harm in using a follow up to demonstrate how professional and proactive you are, as well as to gain valuable insights into your interview performance.

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Now you know how to ace the interview, all you need to do is get out there and start your job hunt. The market is lucrative for adaptable candidates, and as we have all learned, organisations across the globe are utilising technology to adapt to a period of great change. This means more and more opportunities in the market are becoming available to savvy candidates.

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