Process of Social Responsibility

The process of social responsibility of The Adecco Group comprises four strategic areas:

1. Make stronger relationships with stakeholders with a view to sustainable development.

  • It means meeting the legitimate expectations of the stakeholders, respecting the balance between the different interests.

2. To integrate business ethics and compliance with the law in everyday work.

  • It means to conform to the highest standards and in terms of internal control efficiency criteria on financial data, whether international or local, as the Legislative Decree no. 231/2001. It means adopting the Code of Business Conduct, promote it through online training and classroom, build consensus and respect for the principles contained therein and their application in everyday life.
  • It means actively participate in the Global Compact initiative, by implementing policies and actions foreseen in the application of principles.
  • It means respecting the principles set by the SA8000 standard.
  • It means supporting the mission of the Adecco Foundation for Equal Opportunities.

3. Monitor your progress, set priorities and indicators in relation to achievable goals.

  • It means defining a CSR management system, based on both quantitative indicators KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and qualitative indicators.

4. Be transparent about our sustainability performance and communicate progress occurred.

  • It means spreading the communication on CSR through the appropriate channels and tools.